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Whole Lotta Zepp

Whole Lotta Zepp is a music collective dedicated to recreating the majesty of Led Zeppelin’s music as it sounded on their albums.

Typically we are about 10 musicians strong, depending on what is needed, but one thing remains the same: We’ve got 3 drummers on 3 drumsets.

WLZ’s maiden voyage was way back in 2010, on the 30th anniversary of John Bonham’s passing; a hats off to the big man, who left such an indelible, unforgettable mark on the world of rock music and of course, drumming.

Since then, the band has performed once annually (each time, to fully sold out venues), with the focus usually on one classic Zep album.

The entire work is performed LIVE and in full from start to finish, followed by a curated selection of other Zep classics, including a 3 drummer working of Moby Dick.

Albums that have received the WLZ treatment in the past include: Zep II, III, IV, Houses of the Holy & Physical Graffiti

Another unique aspect of this annual event is that there is an all ages matinee show, as well as the normal, over 18s evening shows. This ensures younger folk, and/or working musicians can still attend and enjoy the wonder of Led Zeppelin’s meaty canon.

The band comprises a selection of top musicians who have played with everyone from Elton John to George Michael, so come along and let their collective skill caress your earholes and warm the very fabric of your hearts.